3 Scrumptious Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurants in Valencia

Valencia is an absolute treat! There is so much to see and explore. This is a really special part of Spain, with a majestic energy that runs through the veins of the city and into the food, art and culture. After a magical trip to Valencia, I would like to share my 3 absolute favorite Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurants in Valencia. Each are unique and offer a special dining experience. Walking the streets of what originally seems to be a larger city, suddenly becomes so much smaller and accessible, and each restaurant and café is enticing in it’s own way, but these 3 definitely stood out for me.

Let me know if you have been to any of these restaurants, or can recommend any other Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurants in Valencia.

Here is my list of not-to-be-missed vegetarian/vegan restaurants in beautiful Valencia, Spain.

3 Fantastic Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurants in Valencia

  1. Lo de Ponxe en El Kinto Pino
  2. Ana Eva
  3. Nuna Bar

Plus an extra special, experience at a unique Café…

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Lo de Ponxe En El Kinto Pino

Strictly vegan restaurant but a taste experience that can be enjoyed by everyone!

As you may know, I follow a low carb vegetarian diet, which is often very challenging when I am travelling. I was told off for asking them to leave out the carbs, so I just shrugged and said okay, bring whatever you want.

You can’t win every battle and I am glad that I lost this one, because I was presented with a delicious “well-balanced” meal that I really enjoyed.

I loved the vibe of Lo de Ponxe’s and highly recommend a visit.

lo de ponxe vegan restaurant valencia

Lo de Ponxe and El Kinto Pino are on Facebook

Address: Plaça de Rojas Clemente, 46008 València, Spain

Ana Eva

Ana Eva is without a doubt one of the best restaurants that I have ever dined at. I cannot begin to explain the taste sensation of what seemed like a just simple dish.

I ordered a set menu and asked if they could replace something with a low carb option. This was not a problem at all. And after a delicious vegetable soup, my delicious courgette spaghetti with green asparagus, carrot and tofu arrived – see pic below.

Ana Eva is vegetarian with vegan options. They have an English menu available.

Find Ana Eva at Carrer del Túria, 49, 46008 València, Spain

ana eva vegetarian restaurant valencia

Nuna Bar and Restaurant

Freshly prepared Middle Eastern food just off a pretty plaza near the basilica cathedral, where you can enjoy a delicious meal and warm hospitality.

Try their falafel and fried vegetables.

Nuna Facebook page

Find Nuna Bar at Carrer de l’Herba, 2, 46003 València, Spain

Bonus: El Passatge Dels Gats – Cat Café

While strolling down the streets of Valencia, on the way to Ana Eva restaurant, I couldn’t help but notice this little café overrun with the sweetest cats! This cat café will have all cat lovers purring with joy. But booking is essential, and super easy on their website (in English, Spanish or Valencian) and there are 4 booking options:

  • Bronce: €3
  • Plata: €5
  • Oro: €6.50
  • Platino: €8


Bronce will give you access to the Cat Café for 30 minutes


Plata will give you access to the Cat Café for 60 minutes and includes one drink


Oro will give you access to the Cat Café for 90 minutes and includes a drink and a cookie


Platino will give you access to the Cat Café for 90 minutes and includes a drink and cake

There are some rules that you will have to follow on entering the premises, such as washing your hands before you touch any of the cats, and it is forbidden to wake or disturb a sleeping cat.

Booking is essential. Click here to book.


Address: Carrer del Túria, 28, 46008 València, Spain

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