Hack your Habit Tracker: 40 Habits to Track

If you are new to the concept of tracking your daily goals with a habit tracker, or if you are looking for inspiration for your habit tracker, you have come to the right place! I was seduced by the idea of a habit tracker a few months ago and am pleasantly surprised at how a simple thing like a habit tracker can make such a difference in achieving my daily goals.

Habit tracking is a great way to take control of your daily goals. Keeping records of your daily achievements is motivating and satisfying, leading to a sense of accomplishment as you lead a more productive lifestyle.

I decided to create a habit tracker from scratch and spent hours looking for ideas on what to track. Eventually I came up with a very long list and I would like to share some ideas on habits for you to track on your own habit tracker, and how it can help you achieve your own daily goals.

Why a Habit Tracker

A habit tracker will keep you on track with your daily goals. It will give you a necessary, honest overview of what you have achieved and where there is room for improvement. Keeping records of our daily goals not only reminds us of what we intend to do, but also inspires us to do these things that we set out to do in the first place.

How to use a Habit Tracker

It’s super easy to use a habit tracker. Here are 4 simple steps to getting started with your first habit tracker:

Step 1: Fill in the month and the year

Step 2: Check which day of the week that the month starts on and write the first letter in the first block, then keep going with the next day and so on, so that you can easily see which day of the week you are looking at. For example: M for Monday, T for Tuesday, W for Wednesday, and so on…

Step 3: List all of your habits that you will be tracking in your habit tracker

Step 4: For each day that you accomplish a habit or goal, use a colored marker or pencil to shade in the corresponding block between the date and the habit


Tips for getting the most out of your Habit Tracker

  • Be consistent and mark off your goals daily
  • Track positive habits
  • Don’t give up if you get off track
  • It’s often said that it only takes 21 days to form a new habit, so stick with it
  • Make it personal. If you don’t like colors, use black ink or a pencil…or if you like, use stickers, or simply add a tick in the block when you have completed your habit – this is your tracker, make it a positive reflection of yourself
  • Keep your habit tracker in a personal file or book. If you want to keep it private, hide it away from family members

40 things to track in your Habit Tracker

  1. Target hours of sleep (I track 7-8 hours sleep)
  2. Out of bed by ? am / didn’t hit Snooze
  3. Skincare routine
  4. Optimal diet: whatever you are going for
  5. No junk food
  6. Sugar-free day
  7. Meat-free day or vegan day
  8. Water intake: aim for 10 glasses
  9. Workout/Gym
  10. Yoga/stretching
  11. 10 000 steps
  12. Stress-free day
  13. Finished work by ? pm (since I work from home, I intend to finish my work by 6pm)
  14. Hair wash day
  15. Dyed your hair
  16. Cut your hair
  17. Meditated/practiced mindfulness
  18. Your period
  19. Changed your toothbrush head
  20. Shaved/waxed or other hair removal
  21. Pedicure
  22. Manicure
  23. Massage
  24. Doctor or specialist visit
  25. Dentist visit
  26. Grocery shopping
  27. Replaced old make-up
  28. Cleaned make-up brushes
  29. Laundry day
  30. Linen changeover day
  31. Changed monthly contact lenses
  32. Took vitamins and/or supplements
  33. Backed up your phone/tablet/laptop
  34. No spending
  35. Read, started or finished a book
  36. Studied, learned or tried something new
  37. No TV
  38. Gratitude log
  39. Did a good deed
  40. Watered the plants

Habit Tracking and Bullet Journaling

A bullet journal is your own customized planner which you can use to plan, track and inspire yourself in all aspects of your life. My habit tracker forms part of my bullet journal. Bullet journaling is a fun and creative way to express yourself as well as lead a more productive life.style.

Some of the things that you can track in a Bullet Journal:

  • Books to read
  • Movies to watch
  • Rooms to tidy or organize
  • Places to travel
  • Short, medium or long term goals
  • Your budget and/or savings plan
  • Fitness and/or weight-loss goals

Bullet journaling is a relaxing, creative and productive hobby and I hope to add at least one very in-depth post about it in the near future. In the meantime, you can get started on your Habit Tracker. Subscribe below to access the free printable version, plus my Weekly Success Planner (which I use in my Bullet Journal), Weekly Meal Planner, plus more…

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