Low Carb Comfort Food: Banting Pizza

Comfort food craving? Look no further! Anyone will enjoy this simple, low carb vegetarian banting pizza recipe idea that’s perfect for meals, snacking or entertaining…

I  have always loved pizza! And my decision to follow a low carb lifestyle meant that I would have to give it up! Or so I thought…

One day, my craving, and therefore my imagination, got the better of me…and I managed to dream up this simple yet perfect, low carb mini banting pizza, to which any spice or topping can be added to fulfill all my pizza fantasies!

And the Effort that goes in to making a low carb pizza?

I am so glad you asked! This is quick and easy to throw together, and oh so satisfying. You could make one for a anyone, whether they are low carb or not, and they would love it. Serve it to dinner guests, at a kiddies party or enjoy it while vegging out in front of the TV!

What do you need?

  • Pizza base – My local supermarket stocks a range of low carb breads, pizza bases and pita breads. So if you are in South Africa, try Real Meal Revolution Banting Pizza Base available from most Checkers stores. My Spar stocks a range of The French Connection low carb pitas and wraps in the freezer section. I used a low carb pita but you can use either. You can find low carb wraps at low carb friendly shops and markets or you can try Liberated Paleo Pizza Crust available from Amazon.
  • Tomato sauce/paste – I used a tomato sauce (*hides), which is not ideal because it contained sugar…so rather opt for a real tomato puree or make your own…Do Not – I repeat – Do Not use ketchup!
  • Cheese! – Cheddar, Gouda, Mozzarella…use some, or all. Go mad!
  • Toppings (optional) – Well here you can let your imagination run wild. A few ideas: onion, avo, rocket, cherry tomatoes, aubergines, asparagus, olives, feta or blue cheese and peppers. (remember that some toppings are best added after cooking, such as avo).
  • Spice it up! (optional) I used Mixed Herbs, Cayenne Pepper and Sweet Basil. You can also try Oreganum and/or Turmeric

How to prepare your Low Carb Pizza

  • Place your pizza base on a non-stick baking tray
  • Spread the tomato puree or paste evenly over your pizza base
  • Add spices if required (or you can add them on top)
  • Grate the cheese and spread evenly over the pizza – it’s fun to layer 2 or 3 different cheeses
  • Add your desired toppings
  • Grill in oven until cheese melts and turns slightly brown
  • Slice and serve
  • Enjoy your delicious low carb pizza!
low carb pizza with onion

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Here are some items that will help get the job done:

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Your thoughts?